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Color Of The Year- Viva Magenta

Color Of The Year- Viva Magenta

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The color of the real this year is Viva Magenta... which is great for us because we absolutely love pink tones! This color is meant to be empowering and powerful. Just like you❤️ However, a color like this is not exactly the easiest to match with any colors but neutrals. So we are here to help! We have magenta jewelry options, and complimentary color samples ready to go for you!🤗  Let's start with some jewelry. Here are some magenta like pieces...

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 Let's start with some earrings of a similar tone. Because this color is so daring and powerful, these earrings will really draw attention toward your face! Use that power to enhance your confidence and make sure you have some smiles on hand😉 Use these stunning earrings as a statement piece, or to match a beautiful pendant like these!

These magenta adjacent pendants are everything🤩 If you want to feel fierce these ones are for you! The pop of color is perfect and not too overpowering, which makes it much easier to pair with other colors🤗 There are some really good complimentary colors for this year, let's check some out!

These gorgeous muted colors are a great pairing substitution for the basic neutrals! Get out of your box with this stunning color palette🤩 This years colors are all about embracing your power, so don't hold back! On your passion, personality, dreams, or style. This year, focus on being you to the fullest😘

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