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Fall Fashion!

Fall Fashion!

Fall is here, and you know what that means. New season, new trends! If we are being honest, this season is to die for! We were lucky enough to see these trends live at convention this year, and now we are so excited to share them with you. Sometimes the change of the season brings a more dull color palette, but that doesnt mean a more dull you! With four gorgeous styles to choose from, there is something for everyone! So let's jump right in… 


Imagine you are entering a college campus again. The leaves are falling, and everyone is in sweaters or plaid. Except on this campus, everyone has a subtle glam to them. It's their jewelry of course! Layered necklaces glimmering through their collared shirts, charm bracelets peeking out of sweater sleeves. It really is the perfect fall trend! Reminiscent of those memories we lost while in quarantine. This style is simple, classic, and easy to achieve! Its basics include; plaid, sweaters, pleats, and polos. Be sure to include lots of textured jewelry pieces, and maybe even an accent piece! 


Do you love the practical but stylish kind of look? Then this style is perfect for you!  It combines industrial colors and textures, with lots of natural fibers to create the perfect template for accessories. This look is comfortable, practical, and fabulous! This style is great if you have a lot of greens and neutrals in your closet. Lay the base with a stylish but comfortable outfit, then accessorize using copper, bronze, and brassy looks. For those pops of color, try a necklace with a natural stone like turquoise! Practical doesn't have to mean boring with this simple, comfy look!


This next fall fashion trend is a blast from the past! It combines different prints, shapes, and colors to create a throwback into Y2K styles. Prints and bright colors are the perfect way to stand out this season! We are bringing back beads, charms, and all sorts of color pairings for this style. If you love to be bright and bubbly, this ones for you! If you can't seem to pick a color, you don't have to! This throwback is making a comeback and we are loving it!


You guessed it, this trend goes exactly how it sounds! This look is all about the sparkles and that luxurious look. Gloves, rhinestones, pearls… It's like playing dress up all the time! A timeless trend, combining flashy sparkly jewels with whatever makes you happy. It's not just extra glam, it's extra you! This style is such an easy way to spice up any outfit. If it feels a little boring, just add more sparkles! If you are out of sparkles, we have plenty more!

We are so excited about these gorgeous fall fashion trends! No matter what trends you are into this season, make it your own. You are the real gem, we are just here to help you express yourself! These styles are the perfect way to do so, so get out and love your life this season!
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