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Our Story

Our Story


We are a mother daughter duo who have been working together for over a decade. It began when myself, Robin, my daughter Britney and my husband were working in real estate transforming homes. In 2008 when the market crash happened we lost virtually everything. 

At that point we were both at an extreme low, it was then that we found Paparazzi Jewelry. After spending $3,000 worth of borrowed money on our first bit of inventory both of us felt terrified but, we never looked back. We were able to quickly build a business based off of faith, determination, and need.

The momentum of Frank Divas and Paparazzi Jewelry has provided us with so much throughout the years. In 2011 Britney had 25 week premature twins. In 2013, just two years after Britney’s twins were born, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. We were able to barely work through these challenging times while still being financially stable. 

Robin during cancer treatment

We started this business for the money but have gained more than we ever imagined. We have found sisterhood in paparazzi, our passion for this jewelry, and hopefully the chance to change lives as that is exactly what paparazzi and Frank Divas has done for us.

We cannot express how thankful we are for everything this business has provided us. We are grateful for our team, our customers, our paparazzi family, and many more. We hope that we can be an example of how important it is to Love Your Life! 

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