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9 Essential Jewelry Pieces Everyone Needs To Have

9 Essential Jewelry Pieces Everyone Needs To Have

It is no secret that we are avid jewelry lovers and, we will admit, probably have way too many pieces in our collections! However we wanted to tell you what 9 pieces are absolutely essential to have in your closet. Just as a black dress or blue jeans are a necessity in your wardrobe there are also jewelry pieces that you should always have in your collection. Once you have your essentials in your jewelry box you can feel confident accessorizing any outfit for any occasion. Whether you are just starting out in accessorizing, or if you are a jewelry lover with a full collection, having these 9 pieces easily accessible and ready to grab will make your life easy and leave you always looking fashionable!

#1 Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a great way to complete any look. They are one of the easiest pieces to put on and keep on and they never go out of style. A good pair of diamond studs is a great way to dress up or any look and add a bit of sophisticated sparkle. A pair of diamond studs can be worn out with friends, to work, special occasions, etc! If diamonds aren't your thing, going for a simple geometric stud is also a good way to add a little bit of spice to your outfits while keeping it simple and classy.We also recommend Jacket earrings that have a front and back piece, these are versatile pieces that can be worn just as studs or you can add the extra piece to add some extra pizzazz! 

#2 Hoop Earrings

Hoops are a classic piece that can add a little bit of style and sass to any look and they do an amazing job at framing your face. Hoops are a great way to start dabbling with statement pieces as they can range in style and be considered a statement piece without being too extra. You can have a plain gold or silver lightweight hoop or go for a larger bolder piece depending on your personality and style!

#3 Bangle Bracelet

We love utilizing our pack of bangle bracelets to decorate our arms with gorgeous adornments. Use just one bangle in the stack for a sleek minimal look or use the whole stack to elevate your look into something a bit more dressy. They are also an amazing piece to pair with almost anything from tees to sweaters and so on!

#5 Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces are an essential part of any collection. A gold or silver chain necklace will pair perfectly with many outfits and will make your whole look seem more cohesive. You can opt for a thicker chain for a more edgy look or stick with a thin chain for a more feminine and dainty look. Chain necklaces have been in style for many years and are so amazing because they can be layered to dress up a look or worn alone with a basic everyday outfit.

#5 Pearl Strand

There is a reason pearls are a classic, they will never go out of style and will always add an edge of sophistication and class to any look. A simple strand of pearls can be added to a casual outfit to easily step up your everyday look or can be used as a go to for a special occasion. This versatile piece can easily go from day to night and will always have you looking your absolute best!

#6 Colorful Stone

One great way to make sure you always have a way to add some color to any look is to have a piece of jewelry with a colorful stone in it. Using a colored  stone in earrings, necklaces, or bracelets is a sure way to add a pop of color and a bit of dimension to any outfit. One stone that is great to have if you aren’t sure which to get is your birthstone, this way you will be able to have some color in your collection and it will be special to you. You can also opt for a color of jewel that matches your skin tone/complexion/eyes to bring out your natural beauty!

#7 Long Layering Necklace

Finding a long simple necklace will help you enhance any of your other pieces by using them as layering pieces. Pair them with the chain necklaces we talked about above to step up any look. Another great benefit to a long necklace is that the length running down your torso will elongate you and make you appear slimmer and taller. Accessorizing with a long necklace usually compliments tops with high necklines or your more simple, basic outfits. 

#8 Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces can serve you in so many ways. Somewhere between a standout pearl necklace and a minimal chain necklace it is a great way to draw attention without being too overly flashy. Go for a thin chain with an eye-catching pendant to stay looking elegant yet unique. Pendant necklaces are also great long or short and can be used as layering pieces!

#9 Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend! This classy piece of arm candy will always have you looking put together and posh. A minimal diamond bracelet adds just enough sparkle to any look without being overly bold. This is also a very versatile piece from your day to day activities to special occasions you will always look expensive and classy!



We hoped you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful in stepping up your style! We truly believe that accessorizing is so powerful and will take any look up a notch as well as boost your confidence. Wear what makes you feel beautiful because you are truly so beautiful and having these essential pieces will just accentuate your natural beauty ❤️. Love and Hugs, Frank Divas!

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