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The ULTIMATE Jewelry Gift Guide

The ULTIMATE Jewelry Gift Guide

We here at Frank Divas quite obviously have a love, and borderline obsession, for jewelry. Since we are so passionate about jewelry we want to share with you why we think jewelry is such a great gift for almost anyone in your life and give some guidance on how we like to pick gifts for those that we love. Whether you are shopping for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, for a friend, a partner, a grandchild or child, jewelry can often be the answer. Jewelry can hold a sentimental value or symbolize a meaning or when you pick the right piece it can make the other person feel like you really know them and spent time finding a specific piece that you know they would love. Ultimately jewelry can be a very personal gift that will show those around you that you love and care about them! 

Now in this blog post we want to give you some resources when it comes to picking out a gift for those you love! We have Hand picked our top favorites to create the ultimate gift collection! If you're lost on what to get someone check out this collection! While the perfect piece can be an amazing gift, how do you find the perfect piece? Keep reading and find out exactly how we choose our gifts for all the different people in your life! 


Buying things for your mom is always such a great feeling and she probably deserves the world. In our opinion here at Frank Divas you never need an occasion to buy a gift for your mom! However when it comes to special occasions here are a few that might warrant an extra special gift:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Anniversary
  • Mothers day

When you are shopping for your mom it is most crucial to think about the things she likes. Try to pick up on things she mentions or if you can think back to when she has complimented others. That is usually a good direction to go when picking out something for her. Things such as “oh those earrings are so pretty on her!” is a great hint to what she might want. Also going off of her fashion sense is a great way to pick a piece that she will love! If your mother loves to wear green shirts maybe find a nice pair of green statement earrings as it is already apparent that she loves the color green. Another important factor to think about when buying jewelry for your mom is that usually, moms are busy people! If you can't think of your mothers style or remember a time when she pointed out something she liked then it would be smart to assume that moms usually want something lightweight and easy to put on. Most moms are juggling 1,000 responsibilities at one time. Going with a simple chain necklace and a pair of basic but statement earrings is a great gift for most moms. The pair of the two will be easy to throw on and won't be bothersome while your mom is running around throughout her day! If you want to hear one of our owners Britney talk about the gift she would love to receive as a mom of five kids, watch the video below. 

Friend or Acquaintance:

Have you ever wondered what to get your friend who is hard to shop for? Or wanted to get just a little something for an acquaintance like a coworker or neighbor? Well we think a nice basic piece of jewelry is a great gift for these types of people. A good staple piece is great because you can almost never go wrong and the best part is that they get to choose when they wear it or don't! You might want to get your friends a gift for

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Milestones (engagements, promotions, etc.)
  • Friendship anniversaries

When choosing a piece of jewelry for a friend it is important to think about what they like or wear often. Do they only wear silver? Or do they only wear Gold? Narrowing down what piece of jewelry you might get them by the color of metal is a great place to start. We always like to buy gifts for our friends based on a mix of what we know they like and what we like ourselves. By combining your two styles you can show your friend that you notice the styles they like and you can also possibly expose them to branching out a little bit into new styles. Being sure to keep their needs and wants in mind is key! Try to further narrow it down by type (earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings) and then by material (different metals, stones like turquoise, or materials such as pearls). Be sure to grab something that you know they would wear and show your love for your friend through a well thought out piece of jewelry! Robin explains how she gives gifts to her friends in the video below! 

Child or Grandchild:

Now moms and dads, or grandmas and grandpas, we know all too well that sometimes buying gifts for the little ones in your life is more difficult than it needs to be! You can buy different jewelry for different ages of kids. Make sure to keep their wants in mind and their parents' wants in mind if the kid you are buying the present for is not your own child. Here are some occasions you may want to get a present for a child in your life

  • Christmas/Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Special events (first days of school, recitals, graduations, etc.)

 Now we find it easiest to figure out what type of gift to get for kids when we group them by their age. (We will be talking primarily about girls but this could apply to any boy as well or keep reading down to our men's section)

  • Ages 3-5: We always recommend our starlet shimmer collection to younger kids. These pieces come as a set of 5 matching or complimenting pieces. Kids this age are still playing and active. Getting them some pieces they can use to play dress up with or that are going to be very minimal and easy to wear is the best choice for these little tykes.
  • Ages 5-12: One thing that is very common with these ages is getting your ears pierced. If you want to get an exciting gift for a child with their ears newly pierced get them a few pairs of new earrings! Our Starlet Shimmer earring kits are a great option however you can also browse our earring collection!
  • Ages 12+: This is when kids start to develop their own unique style. Listen to the kids talk about what they want or if you can notice what their friends wear. Kids around this age will usually communicate to you very clearly what they want.  If you approve, go ahead and get them that. Or a good rule of thumb is to just look up the trending style and find something similar to that. Right now the trend is dainty chokers, pearls, and hoop earrings! In the video below we see Britney pick out jewelry for her 13 year old daughter, Harlie, based on her wishlist! 


Partner (Wife or Husband):

This is a very sentimental type of gift giving. Giving a gift to your partner is a great way to show your love for them and can be a very effective way to show the how much you appreciate them. Here are some occasions you may want to get a gift for your partner:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays (Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day)
  • Or for no reason at all except that you love them!

To find the perfect gift for your partner make sure you are taking their likes and dislikes into account. This is one of our most favorite people to buy gifts for at Frank Divas because it is so fun to pick out something for the person you know best! A good piece of jewelry is a great gift especially if you know their style. Getting your wife a nice piece of jewelry can make her day and will make her feel beautiful. Also ladies, don’t be afraid to tell your man exactly what you want. We all know that the Hubby’s mean well, but sometimes they just don't get our fashion sense quite right. Send him inspiration pictures or drop very obvious hints. It is more than O.K. to give the men a little push in the right direction. When buying jewelry for anyone you love, be sure to narrow it down by type of accessory (earring, necklace, bracelet, ring), metal color (gold, silver, copper, rose gold, gunmetal, brass), and then material (stone, acrylic, pearls, etc). Most of all get your partner a piece that speaks to you and that you know will convey your love for them. Your partner will be appreciative of the effort you put into showing them that you love them. Here is a video from our owner Robin explaining what she would love to get as a gift! 


The men: 

Now buying jewelry as a gift does not only have to be for women! More and more these days jewelry and accessorizing is becoming a staple for both men and women. Even if your guy might not admit it they probably want to hop on the trend as well! You may want to buy a present for a man in your life for:

  • Christmas or Holidays
  • Fathers Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Special occasions (weddings, promotions, etc)

Now we usually categorize our mens jewelry into two different types, chains and natural materials. Chain jewelry is very trendy right now for men of all ages. Chain necklaces are a great way to step up a casual look and chain bracelets can create a polished look. If you are buying a gift for a younger man a chain piece of jewelry is usually a safe bet that they will enjoy. Our other category of men's category is more natural pieces. Lots of woven bracelets and necklaces as well as leather materials. This is a great option for the men who like to stay a little more neutral when it comes to their accessories. Don’t be afraid to branch out and get a nice staple piece of jewelry for the men in your life! Watch the video below to hear robin talk more about giving gifts for men and be sure to check out our mens collection!


If you want to check out our top picks for gifts here at frank divas click this link! We hope this helped and as always thank you for reading! 

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