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Back to School!

Back to School!

As summer wraps up and fall sets in we are beginning to get ready for going back to school! Parents are excited, kids might not be as enthusiastic, however either way one thing everyone loves is the back to school shopping. All the fall trends hit, everyone is looking for some new pieces to have them looking amazing for a new school year! One of our favorite ways to make sure you're looking good is, of course, to accessorize! We have put together some of our favorite styles for everyone going back to school all the way from elementary to high school and, we can't forget about our teachers. We are absolutely loving the fall trends and can't wait to show them to you guys. Keep reading for the fall fashion trends and how to make sure the kiddos are looking, and feeling, their absolute best! 

What are the trends this fall?:

This year's fall colors from pantone are all about versatility and hope. (Click here to read about what pantone colors are). Pantone has a rainbow of colors that symbolizes a bright future as well as representing the differences between people's lifestyles. We absolutely love these colors and all the possibilities that come with these fall colors.


Elementary School:

Elementary school is all about being comfortable and cute! While kids may have a pretty strong opinion of what they want to wear, we know that the most important thing is to buy things that are versatile and easy. Elementary kids are still running around playing at recess, going on field trips, and overall just being kids! Find pieces that fit your kid well that can be used to compliment any outfit. We love our Starlet Shimmer line for kids because you get 5 pieces in one pack! Most of them come in varying colors so it is easy to make the same bracelet or earrings match with any outfit just by switching out the colors.


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Middle School: 

At this age kids really start to become themselves. They are exploring new hobbies, new friends, new styles and figuring out what really defines them. For a middle schooler we recommend letting them take the lead on their fashion and encouraging them to try new things and think out of the box. A versatile wardrobe with a few statement pieces will work well for this age and pay attention to what they want to wear everyday and lean into that style! We always go for lightweight accessories for middle schoolers, something that won't get in the way but that will still stand out and make them feel special! 


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High School:

High school can be a turbulent time for many kids. While they are becoming an adult they are also trying to navigate school, friendships, relationships, sports, applying to college and so much more. High schoolers often have a pretty strong sense of self at that point and they know what they want to wear and what they don’t. If you want to buy something for your high schooler try to stay on trend and simple. Right now small hoops and chokers are a safe bet. We are also seeing acrylic and beaded pieces come into the spotlight.


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We cannot forget about our heroes that work everyday to give these kids an education! There is the stereotype boring old teacher but we know that that is not true at all. Our teachers each have their own unique style and personality and you can show it to your students not only by the way you teach but how you dress and accessorize. Now of course we don't want anything that will get in your way. Try going for something within the fall color trends to impress the kids with your sense of fashion. Also you can use a statement piece in your favorite color to express yourself. Teachers can also opt for a minimalistic look that will work with any outfit and require little thought because we know our teachers are busy! 


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Thanks for reading, remember to Love your Life ❤

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