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Fall Fashion Trends!

Fall Fashion Trends!

At the beginning of this month we were able to go to Paparazzi’s yearly convention. While being there we met so many of you guys, learned so much, and had so much fun. One of our favorite things we learned about was all the new fall fashion trends and how to pair jewelry to compliment each trend. Misty Kirby gave a seminar about all the new trends that was so fun and educational. In this blog post we will pass on what we learned from her because we are too excited to not share it with everyone! You will see all our favorite new trends that we can’t wait to wear as well as what jewelry would compliment each style best. As always, wear clothes and jewelry that make you feel confident and empowered!


Being over the top extra in the way you dress is a good way to stand out and make yourself known. Vintage patterns, bright colors, and fun textures are all the rage right now. Mix matching all these things is also a great way to embody this trend. With patterns, wear jewelry over the top of it. Textures are better complimented with pieces surrounding the texture. For example a vintage floral shirt will pair nicely with a necklace but a top that is textured with things like pom-poms would be best paired with a trendy pair of earrings instead of a necklace. Jewelry can also be the “Extra” part of your outfit. Wearing a bold and glitzy necklace over a plain top is a good way to transform a basic piece of clothing into this trendy look. 

Matching Suits and Sets:

We are no stranger to matching sets as they have been in style for awhile but they are not going anywhere soon! A monochromatic set is an easy way to be chic without putting much thought into it. We are now seeing these sets become a little more slim and less oversized. A matching suit that may be in this year is a feminine blazer with trousers tailored in at the waist and flaring slightly at the ankle. Sets have been seen in many different patterns and textures such as corduroy, velvet, plaid, bright colors. You can pair a piece of jewelry nicely by matching the textures of the set. A pendant matching the color of the set or a textured pattern earring to accentuate a set plaid set will have you looking put together and stylish. 


You can never go wrong with a leather basic. Leather is timeless and has an amazing slimming effect. We will be seeing leather jackets and blazers in full force this year and many of them in fun and different colors. You can match a leather jacket with a fun print for a night out or wear a solid tee for a day to day look. Chain jewelry pairs nicely with leather pieces giving off a professional refined look. With colored leather try a solid metal that is still eye catching. Try to match necklines as well, for a v neckline reach for a dainty necklace or pendant to follow the neckline to complete a slimming effect. 


Warm and cozy textures will be used through so many different pieces including vests, parkas, puffy jackets. This style really gives a calming feeling of being bundled up and loved, like a big fuzzy blanket on a cold day. Clothes that mimic this feeling will be everywhere. Textures like Sherpa, fleece, and knit will be seen throughout this style. With this style go for a more natural look by using stone or different metals. Low maintenance coil bracelets will enhance the look without losing the comfy cozy feeling. Use a pendant or tassel necklace that creates a “Y” shape to create a slimming effect with this style. 

Sweater Vests: 

Sweater vests are in but have some new elements. We are seeing these in cropped styles, plaid prints, bright colors, etc. Pair a white button down shirt under a sweater vest to make the color of the sweater vest pop. Chain chokers pair well with this style to complete a minimalistic yet trendy look. 


This style will have bold bright mismatching colors, sharp angles, and cutouts throughout the clothing. We will see volume throughout these outfits with either oversized pants or or long shirts that fall past the waistline. Keep your accessories on the same level as the outfit. If you are going for bold and bright colors a necklace can either match in color or be a solid metal but not dainty. If your arms are uncovered, wear bracelets. Be sure to use jewelry to enhance your favorite parts of yourself. If you love your long fingers wear a long ring, or if you love your jawline where earrings that fall at the same level to pull attention towards it. 

Girly girl: 

We mentioned in our last blog the fall pantone colors of 2021. One of them was Pale Rosette. This color is very soft with a vintage inspiration. In this style we will see dainty floral prints, lace, and overall soft pieces of clothing in light, almost pastel, colors. With this style lean into the feminine. We will see dresses and skirts but also flowy pants. This style will imitate an airy and organic feel. Look for more dainty pieces with soft colors. Also, look for organic textures in jewelry with macramé or wood. 


We have to give our guys some love too! One amazing thing about all these upcoming trends is that they have no boundaries. We are seeing many crossovers between men and women's fashion such as loafers, suits, sweater vests, color palettes and more. Men's trends may include things like acid wash, cargo pockets, mock neck turtlenecks, and stylish tennis shoes. Earthy tones will be a popular color palette throughout men's clothes. This will include olive green, tans, browns, dark blue, etc. Some jewelry pieces we will be seeing a lot of on men are simple chain or pendant necklaces, pinky rings, stud earrings. Match the tone of the jewelry to the outfit for example, brown cargo pants would match well with gold, while a navy sweater would pair nicely with silver.


Remember to love your life ❤

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