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How to Shop with Us!

How to Shop with Us!

Whether you want a quick jewelry fix or want to watch Robin’s amazing lives to shop we want to cater to both kinds of customers! We use Shopify and CommentSold to expand our customers shopping opportunities. Both platforms bring something great to the table so please continue reading to learn about how to use both methods!


Shopify vs. CommentSold

Shopify is a great tool for customers looking to grab a piece on the go! Shopify allows for an easy search tool where you can search something like "gold necklace" and all pieces matching that description will appear. Shopify also has a very seamless guest checkout process. We also link all our posts of jewelry back to our Shopify sight. 

CommentSold is great for customers wanting to shop robins live or shop through our app. By making a CommentSold account and linking it to your Facebook profile you can comment on robins lives to claim pieces. If you have a CommentSold account you can also add new pieces to your waitlist. While we are waiting to get pieces in it will be on your waitlist and as soon as we get them in the piece will appear in your cart. Speaking of carts, on CommentSold you are allowed a 24 hour cart time where your items are saved for you and cannot be bought by others!


How to Shop Through Shopify

  • To shop with us through Shopify go to https://shopfrankdivas.com/
  • From our home page you can scroll down to see our collections, piece of the week, fashion fix and new arrivals by clicking this button
  • You can also use the menu icon at the top left to find our jewelry 
  • Once you find a piece you like click “add to cart”
  • Once you have filled up your cart with all the things you love click this button to see what is in your cart
  • If everything looks good in your cart click checkout
  • Then fill out your information and click continue to shipping
  • At the shipping page select standard shipping and then continue to payment (P.S. if you buy 5 or more pieces you can get free shipping! Be sure to select the free shipping button ) 
  • From there enter in your card information and select pay now and your order will be complete! You will receive an initial confirmation email and then an email when your package is shipped with tracking information


How to Shop Through CommentSold

  • To shop with us through CommentSold go to https://frankdivas.commentsold.com/store
  • From there you can scroll down to see our collections, use the headings at the top to find jewelry, or the search bar
  • Once you have found a piece click add to cart
  • Once you have added all the pieces you love click the shopping bag icon in the upper right corner to see your cart and click checkout 
  • From there you will be asked to continue as a guest or to sign in

For CommentSold Guests

  • click the delivery button for shipping method
  •  then fill in your shipping information at this page that will appear after you select "delivery" pictured above
  • after that select your payment type and fill in that information 
  •  before you can place your order please click here and enter in your phone number
  • after that select pay with card and your order will be placed! You will receive an initial confirmation email and then an email when your package is shipped with tracking information.

For CommentSold Members 

  • when you go to checkout please select either continue with Facebook or login with your email and password 
  •  then continue with the same steps as above

To Make an Account with CommentSold

  • We highly recommend signing up using Facebook so you can shop directly from our lives! 
  • To do this at the checkout page click the continue with Facebook button 
  • From there click the create account link 
  • Then you can either make a Facebook account or if you already have one click the “Already have an account?” Link and login 
  • After that follow the prompts to allow CommentSold to access your Facebook account
  • Your account should be set up and you can login using Facebook at the main checkout page

How to Shop a Live

  • Now that you have a comment sold account you can shop through Robin's lives she does everyday on Facebook.
  • While watching the live she will show different pieces and you will se a headline at the top like this
  • If you like that piece in the comment section type in "Sold 103" or whatever number appears at the top of the screen. Once you comment that piece will automatically be added to your cart or waitlist!
  • This will only work if you: 
  1. Have a comment sold account that is linked to your Facebook
  2. Comment correctly, make sure you have no typos and add a space between the word "sold" and the number
  3. If you want more than one piece you have to make separate comments. Typing something like "Sold 103 x2" will not work but "sold 103" and "sold 103" will! 

As always happy shopping and we hoped this helped! Thank you all for so much support and love. Please reach out to us through Facebook messenger if you have any questions we love talking to you all! Love and Hugs ❤

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