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Pantone Colors for 2021

Pantone Colors for 2021

Pantone colors are a universal way for people from all different trades to unify color palettes. Every year there is a pantone color chosen to be the color of the year. This year's pantone colors are “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating”. Pantone also creates different color palettes for the seasons that fashion industries, home furnishing, graphic design, and many more, use to stay on trend.


In this blog post we will be talking more about what Pantone colors are and how they play into our lives here at Frank Divas. We are going to be going through all the different beautiful pantone colors of the summer this year and showing you our favorite ways to wear them. 


What are pantone colors? 


As mentioned before Pantone colors are a way for people across industries to uniformly use colors in their business. They are also used to set and predict different color trends, whether that be crowning the color of the year, setting color palettes for each season, or predicting hot new colors for the next year or season. 


Every year Pantone specialists go all around the world searching for inspiration for the new color of the year. This inspiration can be taken from many different things such as different industries like entertainment and film, travel destinations, new technologies, etc. Inspiration can be gathered from anywhere and is then used to inspire others like us! 


The pantone colors this year: 


The Pantones of this year are “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray". Pantones describes these colors as a way to show strength while bringing light into our lives. “Ultimate Gray” represents things like wisdom, strength, and a strong foundation while “Illuminating” brings hope of positivity and cheerfulness. These two paired together show how we can be a dependable force while simultaneously bringing energy and brightness. 



Pantone's color of the summer: 


This year's summer Pantone colors have been inspired by shades of nature and are chosen to be versatile colors that can be used year round while bringing the feeling of vitality. These colors have been seen on NYFW and in many new summer trends. There are 10 different shades of bright summer colors as well as 5 “basics” that are used as a base to the bright and vibrant colors. Here are our favorite pieces of these pantone colors. 




As always thanks for reading, Love and Hugs ❤

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